Color Schemes

8 12 2015

This weeks lesson is all about the color wheel. ruth-ellenFlanagan_ColorScheme_1754 My best friend’s husband is Kevin, my husband is Kevin. Their next door neighbor’s name is Kevin. We have a new next door neighbor and his name is Kevin.

I had to use a photo I took the day after Thanksgiving. We are off to a wedding in SC and this photo just fit the theme. I took this as a series of photos of my friend Kevin sitting in each chair so I could merge them together as a few of you did for the self-portrait. He said he should have changed his shirt to match each chair (will try that in the Spring). I set the chairs up in rainbow order (missing orange and violet). He moved from chair to chair and changed his pose. This photo is an example of the Triadic color scheme. The chair you cannot see is green.

I did the following:

1. Used Photomatix to make an HDR image of the black & white version of this image.

2. Opened the color image and then pasted in the black and white version.

3. Created a layer mask on the top layer and used the brush to make the colors appear. Time consuming but worth the time!


I used this image to create my twirl image during the week of Radial Symmetry. Another Triadic color scheme.





3 responses

14 12 2015

carolmoellers10 hours ago
Ruth Ellen, I love everything about this photo. It was perfectly executed!!! Great job!!!

Penny de Jongon Dec 13
Excellent result! Very interesting image and great creative editing – I love that everything but the 3 chairs is B&W! 🙂

Kari Koford Baueron Dec 12
A striking image. I went to your blog and flicker page and your photography is so creative… it inspires me.

Debbie Sinclairon Dec 12
I love this too – it’s very clever and the colours are really shown off perfectly!

Allison Haggartyon Dec 12
Love this!

joannbon Dec 10
The black and white background along with the colorful chairs really highlights the triadic color scheme. Nicely done!

Roseanneon Dec 10
This is so engagingly composed. And the colors really pop!

CharleneSon Dec 09
I really like this; the idea and execution all worked very well.

Ruth-Ellen Burack Flanaganon Dec 08
I will look him up. I set the chairs up aligned with the garden plot. There was also a birdhouse in between the middle chairs that I cloned out.

Wendy Hodinaon Dec 08
Reminds me of Freeman Pattersin’s book and his exercise about pho graphing the white plastic chairs. I like the arch of the chairs…more for display than conversation.selective color was a great choice for this.

8 12 2015

No… taken in Lakeville, Massachusetts. What makes you think Utah? Or are you pulling my leg 🙂

8 12 2015

Ruth Ellen, was the middle shot taken in Utah, Mayhaps?

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