Driving Pans

30 11 2015

I am not crazy about panning. But I had five hours left before we got home from our trip to Massachusetts. It was raining in Northern Virgina until we got past Richmond. So most of my shots have rain drops in them. I took a lot of pictures of the electric towers on the side of the road. This is a photo of a car dealership. I like the glow of the sign and my husband liked this one best. He was the driver. I used Lightroom to make the image black and white except for the blue. I added a frame with On1 Effects. This one was taken out of the side window, which was part of the lesson. I took others out the front window.


I didn’t get too many other good shots but here are the best:




One response

14 12 2015

LaVetaJudeon Dec 05
Ruth Ellen: I see that your speed was much faster than what my driver could manage. I think that makes a tremendous difference. This is a very interesting shot.

Debbie Sinclairon Dec 04
Well done – turning a car dealership into a beautiful abstract and very effective with the selective colour and background!

Allison Haggartyon Dec 04
I like the cubist effect with just a touch of blue

CharleneSon Dec 02
I like that parts of the building appear suspended and at the same time there is enough holding everything in place.

Penny de Jongon Nov 30
Fabulous! I like the way this technique has created softness from a hard structure. Love the touch of blue you left & that the background supports the brighter block . 🙂

Ruth-Ellen Burack Flanaganon Nov 30
We were going 65-70 MPH when I took most of the photos.

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