26 11 2015

I knew we would have to do a self-portrait at some point. I am better at having my picture taken now, but still don’t usually like how I look. We are in Massachusetts for Thanksgiving week. I wanted to do a Flat Stanley set of photos using me as Flat Stanley but it was raining and too cold. We also never have enough time to do everything we want. We needed to go to the Cemetery because I had not been able to go during the High Holidays, which is customary. I also have been taking pictures in this cemetery for the Find A Grave Web site and had some photos that needed to be added. It was very sunny today and so decided that I would get a photo of me taking a photo of my Dad’s headstone. He has been gone since 1991. My Mom has dementia and didn’t seem to recognize us until Tuesday afternoon when we were getting ready to leave. It is always hard to leave. We won’t be back until Spring. You can see more photos of our trip on my flickr site:

This is my Auntie Annette on the left and me on the right at New England Roast Beef. She treated us to dinner. She is my dad’s sister.





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14 12 2015

Kathy Emmelon Nov 27
Thank you so much for contributing photos to Find a Grave. I do a lot of genealogical research and this site is a tremendous resource. I like the way you photographed your shadow on the gravestone. A very poignant photograph.

Ruth-Ellen Burack Flanaganon Nov 27
Thanks Everyone. It is nice to put a face to a name so if you want to see what I really look like, click on my blog link. There is a photo of my and my Auntie Annette. She is my Dad’s sister. I was too tired when I posted it and couldn’t remember how to reduce my double chin 🙂

Ellen Celeste Lindowon Nov 27
I had the chance to check out the Find a Grave website that you contribute to. Interesting site. Thanks for sharing

LaVetaJudeon Nov 27
Ruth Ellen: Best wishes for the High Holy Days….I wish I could visit my parents grave stone and leave a pebble. I feel as though we have become friends through this challenge and your facebook comments. I like your “self portrait” as it is a sentimental journey and tells a story.

JeanSautteron Nov 27
We learned quite a bit about you without even seeing your face. Good work.

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