The Story

24 07 2015

I was on my way to the City Cemetery in downtown Raleigh to take pictures for my photo class this week. I thought I might find a story there. I had not been there before. But on the way to the cemetery, this photo op happened and I had my story photo for the class.

The Story. Used Lightoom to tone down the color. Used PSE to add the text on the front of the stone.

This is a monument to the Women of the Confederacy. It had been vandalized earlier in the week. I don’t know who the women are who are trying to remove the text. I added the begining text from the Declaration of Independence to the photo. Perhaps a much better way to get a message across? There are many statues around the grounds of the NC State Capital. I did get to the City Cemetery. You can see those photos on my flickr page.


NC State Capital Grounds

NC State Capital Grounds

NC State Capital Grounds

NC State Capital Grounds




3 responses

19 10 2015

cathybarrowon Jul 24
I would have to guess that the three ladies are trying to clean up graffiti?

24 07 2015

Poignant! I HATE the grafitti

25 07 2015

It has been going on the last few weeks on public monuments around Raleigh and other NC towns.

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