5 07 2015

What better theme than Celebration for the week of the 4th of July here in the USA. I knew we wouldn’t be going to see any fire works so when I heard that they were having some 4th of July activities at the North Hills Farmer’s Market and that the Knish-A-Licious people were going to be there. The watermelon eating contest was fun to watch and I got some good pics.



These brothers had fun diving into their pieces:


Some other watermelon contestants:


Other sites at the market:

ruthEllenFlanagan-Celebration_7474 ruthEllenFlanagan-Celebration_7500




3 responses

17 07 2015

LaVetaJudeon Jul 05
Yu have given me my smile for the day. What a great human interest shot.

Wendy Hodinaon Jul 05
Oh, too fun! He’s a competitive one.

Sarah Ann Smithon Jul 05
The montage with the flat (erased on the boy eating the melon as big as half of his body!) is so well done! This just makes me happy!

17 07 2015

rickytimson Jul 10
Photo of the Week: 7/5/15

8 07 2015
John & Lois

Looks like a fun time!

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