Redo Lesson Street Photography

27 06 2015

I decided to redo the lesson on Street Photography. We were in Massachusetts the week of that lesson and I didn’t have time to hang out and get true street photos. Today we went up to Wake Forest to check out the new food truck in Raleigh – the Cousin’s Maine Lobster truck. They have been around for a month or so, but we waited for them to show up somewhere where the lines wouldn’t be too long. We waited for about 30 minutes in line and then ate our food in White Street Brewing who was hosting the food truck.

I chose to redo Street Photography because the one I submitted that week really wasn't truly street photography. Today we went up to Wake Forest to try the Cousin's Lobster Food Truck fare. They are fairly new in the food truck scene in the Triangle. They are a franchise and got there start on Shark Tank. The wait wasn't too bad and the food pretty good. Not the same as getting your lobster right off the boat in New England, where we grew up but we don't eat much lobster in NC. White Street Brewery hosted the truck for the afternoon.  Wake Forest was home to Wake Forest University, which is now in Winston-Salem. The campus in Wake Forest is now home to the Southern Baptist Seminary. The town is getting ready for the 4th of July. Check out my blog for pictures of our lunch:

I had the lobster tacos and Kevin had the Maine lobster roll. I tried the clam chowder, which was your basic clam chowder but a little overpriced.

image image




2 responses

19 10 2015

ksteiglederon Jun 27
What a fun scene this is! I’m glad you put the one with the truck taillights in the center because the bright colors lead me into the photo, then I see the turquoise shirt and then move on to the other bright blue shirt. Cool photos! Kathy

30 06 2015

rickytims17 hours ago
The excellent thing about these combined images is their clarity and consistency of color. As far as creating montages with multiple photos, please try to avoid it unless the assignment calls for it.

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