20 06 2015

Some weeks you win, some weeks not so much. Took a lot of bad shots this week! I wanted to convey Air/Wind this week for the Elements theme. I have done water and earth enough. So, I brought the fan outside and some ribbons and then eventually a little American Flag. Here is the best shot I could come up with:

I wanted to convey wind in my photo this week. I thought I would bring our fan outside and attach ribbons to the fan and get some photos of the ribbons blowing in the wind. Fail. I took many photos and just couldn't get what I wanted. It is summer in NC and it has been near 100 this week with high humidity. Usually we spend time inside with the cool AC.  After failing with the ribbons, I brought out my little American Flag. Turned the fan toward the tree and the flag. I used Perfect Effect Photo Suite to add more motion blur to the left side and used Lightroom to add a Vignette. Maybe one day I will try the ribbons again but it won't be until Fall. Check out my blog at: https://needlepointernc.wordpress.com/

I took a class with Linda Schmidt a few years ago on the Quilt University Web site. The class was called Elements. I made Fire, Water, and Wind. Never started Earth. Learned all kinds of mixed media techniques. Here are the pieces that I made:

FireQuilt WindQuilt WaterQuilt




One response

19 10 2015

CharleneSon Jun 20
Super way to depict wind. Well done.

Ruth-Ellen Burack Flanaganon Jun 20
There are so many imaginative shots this week!

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