Stuck in Place

13 06 2015

Take your tripod outside and place it in a random spot or pick a spot. Shoot for at least one hour from that spot. You can take the camera off the tripod but do not roam. I put the tripod at the bottom of the front steps. It was already nearing 90 degrees and the humidity is high. It is June in North Carolina so not unusual weather. But not the kind of weather to be outside. I managed to get enough good shots. The camera was not secured to the tripod and hit the brick steps. Both batteries were not charged. Got my other camera and got some more decent shots. Here is my class submission for this week:

It is 10 AM and it is already close to 90 degress and the humidity is high. Hard to spend too much time moving around. My camera was not secure on the tripod and fell onto the brick steps. Both batteries were out of juice so I switched to my other camera. Finally just sat down on the front stoop and finished taking photos. If I was smart, I would have stayed in the house and photographed my sewing/craft/computer room. My location shot shows the front of our house. The tripod was set at the base of the front stairs. The Cheshire Cat planter sits on the front stairs empty most of the time. I used some Lightroom presets to bring out the red and add texture to the planter. The peak of our house is set against a pretty blue sky. But don't let that blue sky make you think that it would be nice to be outside. It is June in NC. The echinacea are started to bloom. I removed all of the color except orange. This variety is a salmon color.

Other photos from the front yard:

ruthEllenFlanagan-StuckInPlace_2230 ruthEllenFlanagan-StuckInPlace_2223 ruthEllenFlanagan-StuckInPlace_2208 ruthEllenFlanagan-StuckInPlace_2202 ruthEllenFlanagan-StuckInPlace_2148




4 responses

19 10 2015

ksteiglederon Jun 13
I love your flower. It was a great idea to just leave in the orange color. Maybe you should frame that one! Kathy

Penny de Jongon Jun 13
Great shots! I love the flower! 🙂

16 06 2015

rickytims1 hour ago
Selected for critique: Each of these three images stand alone as a very clean, well composed image. There is no fluff, no distractions. In addition, this is a good example of how diverse three images can be and all of them taken from the same location.

13 06 2015

What sort of class encourages the destruction of the camera, regardless tell them I won’t sign up this year! BTW it’s winter here and I am not leaving my camera out in the rain for anybody! LoL

16 06 2015

Rain would be welcomed at this time 🙂 and would be better than hitting the bricks.

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