Loved Ones

8 05 2015

This weeks lesson was all about taking photos of Loved Ones. I thought I would use some of the new photos I just got from my Aunt in April of my Dad. His birthday is in a few weeks. He was born May 26, 1926 in Hartford, CT. But he grew up in Worcester, MA. I had never seen these baby pictures and the older photo might have been taken when he graduated High School but it is not the same as his yearbook picture.

My Dad passed away in 1991. He ws born May 26, 1926 in Hartford, CT but moved to Worcester, MA where I grew up. So, this month when I think of loved ones, I think of my Dad. We were in Worceser for Easter and Passover to see my Mom and friends and family. My Dad's sister was packing her 38 years of stuff and found a box of photos that had belonged to their Mother - my Bubbie. There were baby pictures of my Dad that I had never seen. I took photos of the photos and merged them in PSE. I also took a photo of my Dad's first love letter to my Mom and used that as a texture. I added another texture to make it look older. You can see more loved ones on my blog:

I used his first love letter to my Mom as the texture.

IMG_6241 IMG_6231

Easter Sunday in Lakeville, MA. With my Niece and her husband and baby to be. My college roommate Chris is her Mom. Riley and Kevin get along just fine. Mom again with Kevin and with one of her CNAs who calls her Nurse Edna and can always get her to smile. She always throws out the Yiddish words with a Ghanaian accent!

img_6311EdnaKevinBabyDoll IMG_6336




One response

19 10 2015

vickisviewson May 10
Very inspirational.

Carol Coffeyon May 10

Nancy Christensenon May 09
what a clever idea, this is beautiful

LaVetaJudeon May 08
Ruth Ellen: What a clever way to commemorate your father. Wonderfuland clever layering too! Well done.

Ruth-Ellen Burack Flanaganon May 08
I got to take the box home! There were other photos in the box of my Uncle and his kids. I will send them to him.

Sarah Ann Smithon May 08
Goosebumps…this is just wonderful! So glad you got to see the photos. Have your Aunt put your name on the box!

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