14 04 2015

It is always emotional when we go to visit my Mom. We hadn’t been to Worcester since October. It is hard to get to Massachusetts in the Winter and this Winter was a record-setting Winter in Worcester. Happily we found Mom like she was the last time we saw her. She smiled when she saw us so I think she still knows who we are.










Kevin got her to smile finally. She was holding one of the premie baby dolls that we donated to the residents. I made 22 lap quilts for the floor and Mom always seems to have a different one after laundry day.
















Here is another one of the lap quilts:









We spent the beginning of the week with our friends celebrating Easter. My great-nephew keeps us all entertained. Joy is the emotion.


IMG_6177 IMG_6249








Another emotion – finding the graves of my husband’s great-grandmother Helene and his great-great-grandparents Carl and Emma Lekstrom.


img_6351CarlHenryEmmaLekstrom img_6364HeleneLekstromSalmon




3 responses

19 10 2015

LaVetaJudeon Apr 17
Ruth-Ellen: After reading your explanation I am very touched by your photo. Love the nail polish. It is a poignant photograph but brings a smile as I remember my beloved Aunt Muriel, my adopted mother. Very nice.

Ruth-Ellen Burack Flanaganon Apr 15
Happy that my Mom is being well taken care of and is not in distress.

rublicaton Apr 14
Even though we don’t see a lot, the baby doll and bright finger nail polish give strong hints for the setting of your story. The relaxed hand reads peace and contentment and I surely do hope this means happy for you despite the circumstances. Jmitsch

14 04 2015

Bittersweet! Don’t sweat the formatting – the important stuff is there!

14 04 2015

I cannot seem to get the formatting to work on WordPress anymore. Not sure why.

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