Street Photography

9 04 2015

This wasn’t a good week for hanging out on the street. We were traveling and were in Massachusetts where it was cold and raining. So, I took a picture of Kevin walking with Chris and Riley down the road. You can’t see any snow in this photo but there is still some snow in my friend’s yard. I don’t take many photos of people so this is always a challenge for me.


This photo was taken in Asheville, NC. Always like a man in a kilt:





3 responses

19 10 2015

Ruth Ellen: I think this is a great story photo. Two people engaged in a conversation while strolling with the baby. I like how the tree acts as a frame. Well done.

Ruth-Ellen Burack Flanaganon Apr 10
Won’t find my husband in a kilt! Although last week he bought some corduroys!

JeanSautteron Apr 10
Does your hubby also have a kilt?

Ruth-Ellen Burack Flanaganon Apr 10
I used Lightroom to add a vignette and bump up the saturation and red and orange colors.

Ruth-Ellen Burack Flanaganon Apr 10
Check out my blog where I posted one of my favorite street photos that I took in Asheville, NC.

Ruth-Ellen Burack Flanaganon Apr 10
Don’t try to upload a big image on free hotel wiFi at night when everyone is in for the night. We are in a Residence Inn so more folks are using the computer at night.

10 04 2015
John & Lois

With the snow on the walk, I have to wonder how cold it is under that kilt. :]

9 04 2015

You did a great job…I love the behind the person perspective…makes you wonder where he is going! I see the snow too…ugh! It is snowing here right now…but no accumulation is expected…64 tomorrow and 72 Saturday…only in Nebraska!

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