Do Over

1 04 2015

We all need a do over once in awhile. This weeks lesson was about doing over a theme or technique from the past lessons. I totally missed the mark on the Find A Line lesson, so I did it again. I took a picture of the bike rack at Whole Foods and then I cropped it and made it a mirror image. It was raining. I also cloned out the parking lot noise at the top of the photo.





Here is the original photo:





3 responses

19 10 2015

ksteiglederon Mar 28
beautiful! everything that is in the frame supports the primary line. the mirroring uncovers those subtle lines on the pavement.

Jeffrey Lomickaon Mar 27
You found a line. I like it.

Nancy Maciolek Blakeon Mar 27
Good work, Ruth Ellen. I found a similar bike rack in my town and almost used it for “find a line” week, but the picture was not very good – the re was a mountain of snow in the way. You did a nice job with yours.

2 04 2015

If this is so-so singing, then yes!

2 04 2015

Is than a sine wave of you singing?

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