Golden Hour

22 04 2015

This weeks lesson was all about the Golden Hour. That is the hour after sunrise and before sunset when the sun is low in the sky and the light is warm. I took this weeks photo in our dining room around 7:20 where sunset was supposed to be around 8:15.


I used Lightroom to increase the temp and used OnOne Perfect Effects HDR filter to enhance the bottles and the screen. The photo of the red maple was taken in the morning around 8 am. A little after the golden hour but as close to sunrise and I am likely to get most days.


I increased the vibrance, which made the green a little brighter. The following photo was also taken in the dining room Used a plaster head that I made in Jr. High in art class. I decreased the exposure to make the background darker.


I tool the following photos in April, 2009 in Portland, Maine. I took them from our hotel room window. I woke up (probably because of my snoring husband) and couldn’t get back to sleep. We had a great view of the water and the sea gulls kept me entertained.

IMG_6228 img_6384GoldenHourSeaGullsPortland2009 img_0813GoldenHourPortland2009



14 04 2015

It is always emotional when we go to visit my Mom. We hadn’t been to Worcester since October. It is hard to get to Massachusetts in the Winter and this Winter was a record-setting Winter in Worcester. Happily we found Mom like she was the last time we saw her. She smiled when she saw us so I think she still knows who we are.










Kevin got her to smile finally. She was holding one of the premie baby dolls that we donated to the residents. I made 22 lap quilts for the floor and Mom always seems to have a different one after laundry day.
















Here is another one of the lap quilts:









We spent the beginning of the week with our friends celebrating Easter. My great-nephew keeps us all entertained. Joy is the emotion.


IMG_6177 IMG_6249








Another emotion – finding the graves of my husband’s great-grandmother Helene and his great-great-grandparents Carl and Emma Lekstrom.


img_6351CarlHenryEmmaLekstrom img_6364HeleneLekstromSalmon

Street Photography

9 04 2015

This wasn’t a good week for hanging out on the street. We were traveling and were in Massachusetts where it was cold and raining. So, I took a picture of Kevin walking with Chris and Riley down the road. You can’t see any snow in this photo but there is still some snow in my friend’s yard. I don’t take many photos of people so this is always a challenge for me.


This photo was taken in Asheville, NC. Always like a man in a kilt:



3 04 2015


Time to dye the Easter Eggs. My way was a lot less messy! I used Perfect Photo Suite (Version 8) to add the texture to the photo of the eggs I took before they were colored.


And here are some of the colored eggs that my Nieces created!


Do Over

1 04 2015

We all need a do over once in awhile. This weeks lesson was about doing over a theme or technique from the past lessons. I totally missed the mark on the Find A Line lesson, so I did it again. I took a picture of the bike rack at Whole Foods and then I cropped it and made it a mirror image. It was raining. I also cloned out the parking lot noise at the top of the photo.





Here is the original photo: