19 03 2015

This weeks lesson has us intentionally blurring our photos and most of the shots give me a headache! We learned how to use shutter mode to take some crazy shots. Set your speed to 1/8 and when you snap the shutter, turn your focus ring on your lens in or out. You will get some wild shots. The other part of the lesson was to try rotating your camera (like you are turning a steering wheel). If you are brave, try zooming and turning at the same time. I could not get a decent shot with the rotating method. So, here is my lesson photo of Rodin’s sculpture called “The Kiss” taken at the NC Museum of Art.











We were at the museum to see the Art in Bloom exhibit. Floral designers submitted pieces that were based on pieces in the permanent collection. Here is one of the pieces taken using the zoom effect:

Zoom Focus







Daffodils in bloom with the lucky Irish Elephant. Okay – enough of these photos!





3 responses

24 03 2015

Fun, fun results….I need to try this!

20 03 2015
John & Lois

I like the abstract look of these intentional blurred photos.

19 03 2015

The smellies are fine but I could never do that to Rodin – Not even for modesty’s sake.

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