Parlor Game

15 03 2015

This weeks lesson was Board Games or Parlor Games (Harmony). I had to use a board game or parlor game to show harmony. I used my Mom’s Mah Jong set and set up the racks and tiles. I guess I am showing harmony by using a run of tiles. I used the last Mah Jong card my Mom had used. The table I set the game up on is the same card table that she used to use. We use it for our dining room table right now. I am not a fan of set-up shots. But it is helping me get used to using Av mode and my tripod, which I don’t use very often. I like taking photos out side in natural light.





4 responses

19 10 2015

Thank you Ricky!

rickytimson Mar 16
Selected for critique: This is beautifully composed. First, I love the overall feel of the colors and textures. The focus is on the cluster (grouping) of the four tiles. The row of face-down tiles emphasizes the line created by the tray holding the grouping. The table top and tiles in the back just add ambiance to the image and the foreground lines of text mimic the slightly oblique main lines. I don’t see anything here I would suggest improving. It’s a good example for us to study where there’s a lot going on, but it’s cleanly composed.

rickytimson Mar 16
lovely consistent color palate!

Ruth-Ellen Burack Flanaganon Mar 16
Used a Vintage Preset in Lightroom and then bumped up the Saturation and Vibrance.

Mary McCarthyon Mar 15
The tiles are tiny art pieces in themselves

Ruth-Ellen Burack Flanaganon Mar 15
That would be throwing out tiles 🙂

16 03 2015
John & Lois

Nice use of shapes and coloring.

15 03 2015

Money often involved with Mom and Grandmom’s games but maybe not as high-stakes!

15 03 2015

If you want Disharmony, Seek out a Chinese Mah Jong game where money is involved, more frenetic than anything your Mother played! LoL

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