19 03 2015

This weeks lesson has us intentionally blurring our photos and most of the shots give me a headache! We learned how to use shutter mode to take some crazy shots. Set your speed to 1/8 and when you snap the shutter, turn your focus ring on your lens in or out. You will get some wild shots. The other part of the lesson was to try rotating your camera (like you are turning a steering wheel). If you are brave, try zooming and turning at the same time. I could not get a decent shot with the rotating method. So, here is my lesson photo of Rodin’s sculpture called “The Kiss” taken at the NC Museum of Art.











We were at the museum to see the Art in Bloom exhibit. Floral designers submitted pieces that were based on pieces in the permanent collection. Here is one of the pieces taken using the zoom effect:

Zoom Focus







Daffodils in bloom with the lucky Irish Elephant. Okay – enough of these photos!



Parlor Game

15 03 2015

This weeks lesson was Board Games or Parlor Games (Harmony). I had to use a board game or parlor game to show harmony. I used my Mom’s Mah Jong set and set up the racks and tiles. I guess I am showing harmony by using a run of tiles. I used the last Mah Jong card my Mom had used. The table I set the game up on is the same card table that she used to use. We use it for our dining room table right now. I am not a fan of set-up shots. But it is helping me get used to using Av mode and my tripod, which I don’t use very often. I like taking photos out side in natural light.


Mirror Image

4 03 2015

This weeks lesson was about Mirror Images. I stopped at the NC Museum of Art to take some photos of the sculptures that are outside at the museum. I  wanted to get a photo of the Rodin sculpture that sits opposite the entrance to the new building. My mirror image is subtle. You can see a pattern in the naked trees in the middle. ruth-ellenFlanagn-mirrorImage_5910



This is the other side of the sculpture (of course the sun was in the wrong place):


This sculpture replaced The Thinker, which was on display for several years. I had to mirror-image this one too:











The museum has some funky shaped light fixtures in the old restaurant site. I changed the color to blue, cropped the edges when I took the photo in 2011. This week I had to try a mirror image. I did this one vertically.




Cast made by Fonderie de Coubertin in 1986 for the museum collections.

During the Whistler exhibition inaugural dinner held in London, in 1905, it was decided to erect a monument to the painter James McNeill Whistler (1834-1903). The commission went to Rodin, who, in 1903, had been unanimously elected president of the International Society of Painters, Sculptors and Gravers, the association founded by Whistler in 1897. Rodin decided to pay tribute to the painter’s genius, not through a conventional portrait, an effigy or historical scene, but through an allegorical figure, a “Muse climbing the mountain of fame”, the model for which was Gwen John, a young Welsh painter.
This design, which paved the way for a whole new concept of the public monument, resulted in a large-scale, armless,nude figure, exhibited at the Salon, where it was criticized for its unfinished appearance.The sculpture should have been reworked, but on Rodin’s death, the monument was still not complete.