28 02 2015

Feeling cold and abandoned by the warm weather this week? I think we all are! I have been photographing this abandoned house on Forestville Road since we moved here in 2001. It was looking pretty good until the tornado of April 2011 came through Raleigh and came straight up along Forestville Road. We live a few blocks in from Forestville Road but our house was not touched.

So, this is what the house looks like today. I am surprised about the graffiti.


ruth-ellenFlanagan-abandoned_5860 ruth-ellenFlanagan-abandoned_5855

This is what it looked like right after the tornado in 2011:


This photo was taken in December/January 2009. You can see that the side of the house was still closed in and the roof over the front porch was still on the house.





3 responses

2 03 2015
John & Lois

Nice series showing the decline of the abandoned house.

28 02 2015

It is sad to see a house with it’s ribs showing through the skin.

28 02 2015

This is a great story board of pictures…amazing how much it has detererated in such a short period of time…graffiti didn’t help. I really enjoyed this series of pics!

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