28 02 2015

Feeling cold and abandoned by the warm weather this week? I think we all are! I have been photographing this abandoned house on Forestville Road since we moved here in 2001. It was looking pretty good until the tornado of April 2011 came through Raleigh and came straight up along Forestville Road. We live a few blocks in from Forestville Road but our house was not touched.

So, this is what the house looks like today. I am surprised about the graffiti.


ruth-ellenFlanagan-abandoned_5860 ruth-ellenFlanagan-abandoned_5855

This is what it looked like right after the tornado in 2011:


This photo was taken in December/January 2009. You can see that the side of the house was still closed in and the roof over the front porch was still on the house.



Black and White

21 02 2015

This weeks class was about making a color photo into a black and white photo. I took my Mom and Dad’s cake topper and put it in the window. It is another cold and gray day out there. I used Lightroom presets to make the changes. The Creamtone preset smoothed out the screen that was in the background. Mom and Dad were married on March 16th, 1952.


Some other B&W photos:

TwoSeagullsOnRocksBW-0654 RFlanaganGicleSeagull Photo219 Old South Church in B&W IMG_1303-2


8 02 2015

This weeks lesson was about Shape. What better place to find interesting shapes – Washington, DC. We went for the weekend to see Arlo Guthrie at The Birchmere. What a great concert and interesting venue. We hadn’t been there before. He opened the second act with Alice’s Restaurant for its 50th anniversary! Wow.

This photo was taken from the car on 395. It is the top of the Air Force Memorial. I don’t know why it is so foggy looking. It wasn’t sunny out, but a little overcast. I think the dirty window made it look like this 🙂 but I liked it. ruth-ellenFlanagn-Shape-5791

This is what the whole monument looks like (also taken from the car):

US Air Force Memorial

We went to Arlington National Cemetery and I found many more examples of interesting shapes. Kevin took the photo of the curved amphitheater!

IMG_5768 IMG_5756 IMG_5754 img_5751OtherShapes