Tack Sharp

29 01 2015

Getting my images sharp is a challenge these days even with autofocus 🙂 so this lesson is a good way to practice using AV mode (f36) on my camera. I first had to find my tripod. Found it. Bundled up and went outside with Percy and my tuffet. He likes to move around the house and we found him sitting on the tuffet this morning when we woke up (he was inside the house though).

So, here is the photo I posted to the class site:


This is what Percy looks like. I made Percy in a class with elinor peace bailey at Vogie’s Quilts and Treasures in Dodge, Nebraska when I was living in Omaha, NE. I made the tuffet in a class last year at Wish Upon a Quilt with Sharon Cole here in Raleigh.

ruth-ellenFlanagan-tackSharp-5602 ruth-ellenFlanagan-tackSharp-5623

And another tack sharp photo taken of the fish pond (which doesn’t have any fish in it at this time).





5 responses

2 02 2015

I have never set my camera at f36…now another challenge! 🙂 I love the first series of shots…the bright colors combined with the extra clarity are real eye catchers!

2 02 2015

I don’t either very often! Need to use the tripod for sure. It was a good lesson for me to reinforce all those settings I can never remember when I need them!

2 02 2015
Lois Svejda

Percy and his tuffet and both sharp and colorful.

30 01 2015
Ruth-Ellen Flanagan

Yes, Raleigh, NC. Camp Lejeune is the Marine base in Jacksonville, NC on the coast.

30 01 2015

Nice Tuffet Muss Muffet. Is that Raleigh Nth Carolina? I met a Marine from there when I was in the Army.

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