Selective Focus

9 01 2015

I signed up for a class with Ricky Tims. He is a national quilt teacher and I am not sure how that makes him a good photography teacher, but it is a once a week class so I thought it would at least get me out taking photos. This week I had some photos to take for Find A Grave, so used this photo for the first lesson on Slective Focus. I focused on the flowers on top of the headstone. That blurred out the background a little. I was also trying out my new GPS attachment that I got a few weeks ago. It works great for providing a location for the grave site. Of course Find A Grave does not use the same notation as the GPS so I have to convert the notation.ruthellenFlanagan_select_focus_5484




3 responses

10 01 2015

Perfect focus! Cemeteries give you perfect photo opportunities! I am looking forward to following your quilt classes too!

10 01 2015
Lois Svejda

Nice selective focus.

9 01 2015

Yep, Good Depth of Field (DOF)

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