Tack Sharp

29 01 2015

Getting my images sharp is a challenge these days even with autofocus 🙂 so this lesson is a good way to practice using AV mode (f36) on my camera. I first had to find my tripod. Found it. Bundled up and went outside with Percy and my tuffet. He likes to move around the house and we found him sitting on the tuffet this morning when we woke up (he was inside the house though).

So, here is the photo I posted to the class site:


This is what Percy looks like. I made Percy in a class with elinor peace bailey at Vogie’s Quilts and Treasures in Dodge, Nebraska when I was living in Omaha, NE. I made the tuffet in a class last year at Wish Upon a Quilt with Sharon Cole here in Raleigh.

ruth-ellenFlanagan-tackSharp-5602 ruth-ellenFlanagan-tackSharp-5623

And another tack sharp photo taken of the fish pond (which doesn’t have any fish in it at this time).




27 01 2015

Last weeks lesson theme was “Windows” and the lesson was about using Photoshop to make some basic changes if needed. I submitted this photo:


I took it in between the two Salix buildings on Six Forks Road. I used Photoshop to adjust the lighting but not much else.

These are some of my favorite Window photos I have taken in the past:

Yelloe Dorton

Dorton Arena at the State Fairgrounds in Raleigh, NC

Photograph Inside the Boston Public Library looking out the window into the courtyard.

Probably flying to or from Boston.img_1552RainyDaysMondaysLooking into the backyard from the Kitchen.Wild Blue Yonder

Find A Line

17 01 2015

This weeks lesson was to photograph a line… everywhere you look there are lines. He wanted a simple photo with simple lines. I took a few shots on our walk around the block. The one I posted for class was of the bark of a neighbor’s Crepe Myrtle. I used Lightroom to make the image B&W and used Photoshop to crop the image. The second photo is just our driveway.



Selective Focus

9 01 2015

I signed up for a class with Ricky Tims. He is a national quilt teacher and I am not sure how that makes him a good photography teacher, but it is a once a week class so I thought it would at least get me out taking photos. This week I had some photos to take for Find A Grave, so used this photo for the first lesson on Slective Focus. I focused on the flowers on top of the headstone. That blurred out the background a little. I was also trying out my new GPS attachment that I got a few weeks ago. It works great for providing a location for the grave site. Of course Find A Grave does not use the same notation as the GPS so I have to convert the notation.ruthellenFlanagan_select_focus_5484