Photography Challenged this Year!

9 12 2014

I didn’t do a great job on the 2014 Song Photo Challenge. I spent most of my time this year working on my Find A Grave cemetery projects. In October, I photographed the Agudas Achim Cemetery in Fitchburg, Massachusetts. Kevin and I explored an abandoned cemetery on Capital Blvd. in Raleigh.

Just a smattering of 2014 Photos… Fall in New England, the Chapel in the Worcester Art Museum, Sir Walter Raleigh ready for the IBMA 2014 Blue Grass Festival, Volis Simpson Whirligig in Baltimore, snow in our driveway, Joe Jencks at Soup and Song, and the tuffet class I took at Wish Upon a Quilt.

img_4140SirWalter IMG_5114 IMG_5115 IMG_5142 IMG_5209 IMG_5312 IMG_1678 IMG_1665













2015 is fast approaching. What can I do to get back into exploring and photographing the people and places of North Carolina and beyond. I don’t know. Ricky Tims (a National Quilter/Teacher) is doing a 52 week class online. Don’t know that I need a class, but it would commit me to taking photos every week. There is always something new to learn.

Maybe I need to work on finishing the many projects that I have started over the last few years first. My sewing/hobby room is jam packed with unfinished projects. A quilt for Tabitha and Brian, lap quilts for the Nursing Home, scrapbooks, and The Flanagan Family Tree book are just a few of the projects that are calling my name.

So, without making any New Years Resolutions – I hope to make a dent in all of these projects in 2015. Hold me too it!




4 responses

9 12 2014

I missed all summer too…but unfortunately life gets in the way sometimes. It did make me realize how much I missed my friendships over here at the blogs though! 🙂

10 12 2014

At least we have FB to keep in touch!

9 12 2014

Don’t feel bad ! for the first time in ages, I bailed this year in July. Cool thing is that we get to try again another year and that no one judges us when we don’t quite make it.

9 12 2014

The drums sound different in my head too! Congratulations on this years results and full support for the coming year!

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