These Boots Are Made For Walking

13 02 2014

IMG_1677I have been lax in posting my weekly photos. The weather has been cold and snowy here all month. So, finally got a shot today that works. The first album I ever got was “These Boots are Made for Walking” by Nancy Sinatra. My Nana bought it for me with her poker winnings! It was probably $2.00. I haven’t had to wear these boots for a long time, but they still fit. You should recognize these boots – LL Bean of course.





8 responses

21 02 2014

We’ve not seen any snow here… plenty of rain and winds, but those boots wont help with that. Its a perfect fit for this theme 🙂

21 02 2014

They still look new! I haven’t even had to get mine out yet this year…most snow we have had has been 3″ and that was once.

18 02 2014

Ed and I both have these and they are our definite go to boots!

17 02 2014

Good that you’re put’in those boots in motion…..

14 02 2014

Nothing beats Bean boots! They are an indestructible classic.

14 02 2014

Not only that but they will replace them for life! I think I probably bought these when I moved to Vermont in 1981!

14 02 2014

A perfect “fit”!

14 02 2014
John & Lois

Thirty-seven days until spring, and a new snow storm is coming our way on Monday. I am more than ready to put the boots away for this year.

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