Mr. Blue Sky

13 01 2014

There is nothing like a blue sky in North Carolina! Actual photo with no processing. I was under the glide path for the RDU airport, but it was Sunday and there weren’t many planes landing so I just took a picture of the sky.



All Things Must Past – Week 1 of 52 Song a Week Challenge

4 01 2014

We went to the Oberlin Village Cemetery today to look for a headstone for Find A Grave. I have been taking pictures for Find A Grave for a few years now. I like wandering through cemeteries for the history. Oberlin Village Cemetery is believed to be one of only 4 all African American burial grounds in Raleigh, NC. It is in bad shape and many of the graves were never marked. There is a group trying to restore the cemetery. It is hidden behind several buildings.