Saucer Magnolia

7 03 2012

Saucer Magnolia , originally uploaded by needlepointernc.

It is March 6th and the Saucer Magnolias are in bloom already. The daffodils have been in bloom for a month already. The Bradford Pears just starting blooming. It is about a month ahead. Achoo….

This is the original shot. I used the ADB_Polapan preset in Lightroom 4 to make the above image and used an Elements frame effect to add the border.




5 responses

8 03 2012
John & Lois

Lovely color in the original and nice cropping and processing in the top image.

8 03 2012

I just realized that my ISO was set to 400. I keep forgetting that my camera doesn’t reset itself 🙂

8 03 2012

I prefer this one in color as well….but I do love the processing of the black and white…love the grainy background you added and the smooth frame

7 03 2012

I think if the original were cropped as th etop one is – It would be my favourite.

7 03 2012

Thanks Ron… I will try that.

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