The Challenge

30 12 2011

I have decided to keep going on the list of themes that I haven’t photographed yet. There are some really challenging themes left and I hope to be able to work more on getting out of the house and finding ways to fit the themes. I have enjoyed this year’s themes and I have been looking at all y’alls photos even if I haven’t bee commenting. It really is fun to look at everyones photos and see how creative we all are. I have been publishing my photos this year in separate books (in 2009) I did a two volume book of all my photos. This time I am including the blog comments too. The Roller Derby photos were some of my favs this year.

You can see my books at:

Blurb Books

Happy New Year to everyone!




5 responses

2 01 2012
Karen Brockney

Happy New Year to you, too, Ruth-Ellen! I dropped out of commenting and then dropped out of the challenge for 2012, but I’m planning to be more interactive in 2012. I love seeing your photos on flickr and the blog.

31 12 2011

Happy New Year!
Loved the roller derby shots.

30 12 2011

Loved the roller derby shots!

30 12 2011

I look forward to following you for another year (and another after that) lol

30 12 2011

Good on ya, Stick at-itness is a fine attribute.
Happy New year.

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