The Challenge

30 12 2011

I have decided to keep going on the list of themes that I haven’t photographed yet. There are some really challenging themes left and I hope to be able to work more on getting out of the house and finding ways to fit the themes. I have enjoyed this year’s themes and I have been looking at all y’alls photos even if I haven’t bee commenting. It really is fun to look at everyones photos and see how creative we all are. I have been publishing my photos this year in separate books (in 2009) I did a two volume book of all my photos. This time I am including the blog comments too. The Roller Derby photos were some of my favs this year.

You can see my books at:

Blurb Books

Happy New Year to everyone!


Day 224 Theme #139 Health

30 12 2011

I go to see Dr. Brigman every year in December to see about the HEALTH of my right hip. Saw him yesterday and there have been no changes since my last visit. So, that is good news. This is a photo of the new Duke Cancer Center that is supposed to open in February. Looks like they have a lot of work to do to open by then!

Day 223 Theme #106 Five

26 12 2011

There are FIVE candles on the Menorah for the fifth night of Chanukah (the sixth candle is the shamus, which is used to light the other candles). I had just enough red and green candles left to use… it was Christmas Eve!

Day 222 Theme #265 Six

24 12 2011

Rainbow Lights, originally uploaded by needlepointernc.

Here are SIX different colorings of the same picture. It is a closeup photo of a light that is hanging in the cafe at the art museum. I used Lightroom to change the hue and saturation of the original image.

Day 221 Theme #301 The Arts

24 12 2011

There is nothing like spending a day with THE ARTS. We went to the Rembrandt exhibit at the NC Museum of Art. Not a big fan of his work, but it was fun to see the paintings that are his and maybe his. The Thinker is my favorite thing to take photos of at the museum. It was rainy and the leaves had all fallen. I used Lightroom and PE to add textures and remove most of the color.

Day 220 Theme #203 Obligations

17 12 2011
Neon Light, originally uploaded by needlepointernc.


Neon light installation at the NC Museum of Art. Part of the exhibit on Light…

Day 219 Theme #200 Nine

17 12 2011
Nine Self Portraits, originally uploaded by needlepointernc.

Kevin is looking at  NINE self portraits of Beverly McIver of Durham, NC. She wrote a letter to God on each of the nine portraits. Kevin is reading the letters. This is part of an exhibit upstairs from the Rembrandt exhibit at the NC Museum of Art.