Day 196 Theme #342 Unfinished

12 11 2011

Unfinished, originally uploaded by needlepointernc.

My watercolor is UNFINISHED after my 3 hour class today with Karlyn Holmen at Art of the Carolinas. The class was fun and I took it with Roberta Morgan from my art quilt bee. Her painting was really good too.




8 responses

15 11 2011

Now that looks like fun and you did a magnificent job!

13 11 2011
Jeanne T. McBrayer

Didn’t you just love Karlyn? I have learned so much from her. Love that you and Roberta are pursuing watercolor painting.

13 11 2011

She was great. Wish we had a full day class! She was very encouraging and I like here method. There were some young kids in the class and she really liked that.

12 11 2011

Pretty! I have zero talent for drawing, so I’m impressed.

12 11 2011

Wow – looks like it is going to be a fabulous painting. Great talent hidden in your hands, you need to do more my friend.

12 11 2011

I am blown away with the talent you display, and am green with envy right down to my kneecaps! Wonderful.

12 11 2011

Thank you Ron!

12 11 2011

Double talent . . .

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