Day 188 Theme #65 Cupcakes

3 11 2011

Cupcake, originally uploaded by needlepointernc.

Love the CUPCAKES at Barnes and Noble. This was my treat while I read a book using my Nook. You can read free for an hour a day. I am reading




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4 11 2011

I like the metallic look of this. How does the Nook thing work? You bring your own Nook and get to read books you haven’t purchased for an hour a day?

4 11 2011

Yes… you go to the B&N store and it connects you to their free wifi. You can browse the shop and read any book that is enabled for reading in the store. You get an hour a day. Sometimes you get free books when you are in the store (usually old stuff). I like the nook except some browsing doesn’t work if the web site uses Flash (which is the same problem on the ipad).

4 11 2011

Interesting. I still do my reading the old-fashioned way…however I am reading a book now which is 1000 pages long, so I do often consider a reader so I can take it on the subway.

4 11 2011

I still read most of my books as books. I take books out of the library or read them in the store. It is good for traveling.

3 11 2011

Love going to Barnes and Noble for coffee and treat.

3 11 2011

Nothing better than a no calory cupcake.

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