Day 192 Theme #89 Evolution

19 10 2011
Glacial Potholes on Deerfield River, originally uploaded by needlepointernc.

EVOLUTION and glaciers caused the formation of the Glacial Potholes in Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts.

 From the Shelburne Falls Web site:

 “The “Glacial Potholes” began to form after the last glacier age when the Deerfield River first started to flow over these rocks, about 14,000 years ago. The formation of these river-eroded features thanks to the great glacial lake, Lake Hitchcock, that filled the Connecticut Valley and also extended into the lower Deerfield Valley. While Shelburne Falls was not under Lake Hitchcock, it was under the sediments of the Deerfield River that built a delta into the lake. Lake Hitchcock drained by 14,000 years ago. The Deerfield River was then able to cut downward into its delta sediments. During this erosive process, which continues today, the river found itself on top of the gneiss bedrock and could start eroding holes in the hard gneiss.”




3 responses

19 10 2011

I never heard of a glacial pothole before. I like the top shot for the orange color you’ve captured, and the bottom because it shows the scale.

19 10 2011

Glaciation mainly though LOL but I guess if Nature is Ghia them she too is evolving, within the constraints of the Cosmos. Nature does = Beauty as your images show.

19 10 2011

This looks like a fascinating place to visit. The water rushing through the glacial potholes makes for a very interesting image.

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