Day 181 Theme #292 Surfaces

5 09 2011

Surfaces, originally uploaded by needlepointernc.

These FACES are on many SURFACES on the columns in the Cheesecake Factory. The ladies watch you eating and drinking.I used Lightroom to desaturate the image a little bit.




7 responses

10 09 2011

Looks like an interesting place to linger and enjoy the surroundings.

6 09 2011

Oh wow, very cool shot! Although, I have to admit, it is kinda creepy to be watched while you are eating!

5 09 2011

I have never been to a cheesecake factory, but have never been into cheesecake (yes, I know they make much more than that, but their food always seems to be on the “food that will give you a heart attack right in the restaurant” list of high-calorie places. I like the processing on these ladies.

5 09 2011

We only go once in a ling while cause it really isn’t a cheap place to eat. But the food is really good. And now they have come out with a new skinnylicous menu! But if you like cheeecake, then theirs is the best unless I make my own! And you can get lunch portions until 4:00 pm or we always take home for lunch the next day.

5 09 2011

That sure is ONE FANCY Cheesecake!

5 09 2011

Lovely pastel colors in this.

5 09 2011

Love cheesecake . . . I like the desaturated look of the columns

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