Day 186 Theme #58 Contemporary

19 09 2011

PodArtsparkCon2011, originally uploaded by needlepointernc.

CONTEMPORARY art is always a matter of opinion as to its value as art. These art installations were part of sparkCon 2011 in downtown Raleigh this past weekend. These installations were done in Pods. You be the judge.

Artists Top to Bottom: Meg Stein, unknown artist, The Spinster is Gabrielle Duggan, Mary Carter Taub, and Julia Gartrell.

The Spinster was interesting and the artist was actually spinning wool in the back of the pod when I took this photo. I used Lightroom preset Edges to enhance the photo.

The Spinster


Day 185 Theme #7 Aqua

19 09 2011

This is one of the chalk art pieces on Fayettville Street in Raleigh, It was done this weekend during sparkCon 2011.

I used the Lightroom AQUA only preset and this is what the image looked liked before.

Day 184 Theme #349 Vehicle

19 09 2011

Vehicle, originally uploaded by needlepointernc.

Our VEHICLE was parked in the Marriott garage. We went to downtown Raleigh yesterday to see what was going on at sparkCon 2011. It was a rainy cloudy weekend so the chalk art contest got somewhat washed out. But, many persevered.

I used Lightroom to change the original image. I used the Holga preset and then and Edge preset.

Day 183 Theme #299 Ten

13 09 2011

Ten Pins, originally uploaded by needlepointernc.

There are TEN pins set on lane 14 at the bowling alley. That is why they call it ten pin bowling. In New England we have candle pin bowling. The pins are tall and skinny and the balls are the size of bocce balls. You get three balls to a frame.

I used Lightroom to remove all of the color but the red.

Day 182 Theme #115 Freeze Frame

12 09 2011

We went bowling yesterday. Here is a FREEZE FRAME of Kevin aiming for a strike or maybe a spare. I only bowled one frame and took pictures in stead. This bowling alley is across from NC State and has seen better days! We met some people from the Drinking

Day 181 Theme #292 Surfaces

5 09 2011

Surfaces, originally uploaded by needlepointernc.

These FACES are on many SURFACES on the columns in the Cheesecake Factory. The ladies watch you eating and drinking.I used Lightroom to desaturate the image a little bit.