Day 180 Theme #239 Relaxation

31 08 2011

I do painted canvas needlepoint for RELAXATION. I had finished these needlepoints a few years ago and I finally had them framed. The mats are done with fabric that is dry mounted onto the mat board.  The above needlepoint is called “Auntie Sarah and Aunt Esther” because they look just like my great-aunts.

The next needlepoint says “Relax or Perish, You decide”. I like the funkiness of it.

















“A Woman Needs Nice Things” nuff said:




9 responses

6 09 2011
Karen Brockney

The framing is just as much fun as the needlepoint! Your work is always so colorful and funky.

2 09 2011

These are fabulous. I don’t have the patience for this type of craft and really admire those who can create these.

1 09 2011

These pieces are so labor intensive. Funny how I always thought of needlepointing as more rustic looking… LOVE the contemporary style.

1 09 2011

Love the creative, fun needlepoint art work.

1 09 2011

A woman of many talents…LOVE these!!! Where do you find the patterns??

1 09 2011

The canvases come painted this way and then I do the stitching. I got these canvases at Village Needleworks in Omaha where I worked for a year or so when we lived there. But I have been doing needlepoint since High School.

31 08 2011

What a wonderful way to relax, fabulous works all of them, the framing really finishes them off.

31 08 2011
Jeanne McBrayer

Love all of these. The first two remind me of my grandmother and her sister, both about 4’11” and rather round in shape! (Polly and Estelle)

31 08 2011

Your talent is boundless, and your creativity even more enourmous!

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