Before and After Critique

29 08 2011

I cropped the Bumblebee photo differently per suggestions of the judge at the Arboretum photo contest. The image on the left has some empty green space on the left. I had cropped it that way. The one on the right shows more of the flowers and the bee is to the left looking into the photo more:











I made the changes the judge in the photo contest at the Arboretum suggested to the Agave in Bloom Photo. Here is a before and after. Note too that the top of the photo was cropped off by the mat so they weren’t seeing the whole top bloom. And she suggested removing the stem on the bottom left but in the framed piece you can’t see the bloom. So, I left it in this image.

Before Cloning

After Clone




7 responses

1 09 2011

I like the 1st bee also.
Am confused about before and after cloning, not seeing a difference between either.

1 09 2011

I used the clone tool to remove the stem at the top of the image. She also suggest removing the bottom stem, but I left it in.

31 08 2011

I like your first take on the image.

30 08 2011

I see the point on the bee photo; I always learned that to focal point of an image should draw your eye into the rest of the shot; since the bee faces to the right, putting him on the left draws your eye across the picture. If he were facing the other way, your original crop would then pull your eye in the “right” direction.

It’s fun to see the before and after shots.

30 08 2011

I like both but still like the ones I submitted. Photo judging is just like quilt judging. Sometimes you do get good feedback. But I didn’t like the photo they chose as best of show. But it is nice just to have people see the photos.

30 08 2011

I am with Ron, I like your first takes better! Both are beautiful images!

29 08 2011

I read your rationale, but actually like your first takes.

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