Day 176 Theme #121 Fruit

26 08 2011

Fruit, originally uploaded by needlepointernc.

This FRUIT was for sale in the lobby of Union Station in Washington, DC.




6 responses

27 08 2011

I’m with KarenAnn I want hard plums and softer peaches . . . gotta test them.

27 08 2011

I’m wondering if you did special processing on this photo… you have a great 3d feeling going on with the fruit and the quarts.

27 08 2011

I left just the color brown and orange. That does make the fruit stick out more I hadn’t noticed. I like to squeeze too, but I guess we the millions of people walking through Union Station they don’t want you to squeeze!

27 08 2011

I lOVE that sign, too funny!

26 08 2011

If I can’t test to see how ripe the fruit is, I simply won’t buy it…hate mushy plums and rock hard peaches. Sorry!

26 08 2011

ha! I love the sign. As many farmer’s markets as I go to, I haven’t seen anybody put one of these signs up before.

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