Day 175 Theme #50 Circular

25 08 2011

This CIRCULAR window is in the Greater New Hope Baptist Church. It used to be a Synagogue in the Jewish section of Washington, DC. It is on the edge of Chinatown too. I like that they added the cross and preserved the Star of David.




8 responses

4 09 2011
Bobbi Dunn

So ecumenical. I’m happy.

27 08 2011

Wonderful capture! This is the first time I have seen the combination of two faiths in stain glass.

27 08 2011

It was a surprise that they left the Jewish Star but this denomination of Babpist (and a lot of Baptists) do read the Old Testament. So, maybe that is why they left the star in the window and in the Ceiling. It was a Synagogue first then a Church.

26 08 2011

LOVE this…the stain glass window really stands out!

26 08 2011

Very nice!

25 08 2011

That’s very cool. I like how they incorporated both, and you did a good job capturing it. I haven’t been satisfied with my stained glass shots so far.

27 08 2011

I got lucky and didn’t really have to do much to this in Photoshop. It was on the darker side of the buidling – there is a building right next to it so maybe the light was just right.

25 08 2011

Really nice!!

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