Day 174 Theme #87 Entrance

25 08 2011

Doors, originally uploaded by needlepointernc.

One of these doors is the ENTRANCE to the Fujian Resident Association in Chinatown in Washington, DC. We went on a walking tour of the area because it also used to be the Jewish section of Washington. Chinatown in DC isn’t very vibrant anymore.




6 responses

6 09 2011
Karen Brockney

The saturation and colors in this are just perfect. Love those old buildings.

27 08 2011

So sad to see the neighborhood in decline. They are trying – look at the beautiful bright color.

27 08 2011

I guess I should have said that I bumped up the saturation a little on the bricks… so the house looks a little brighter than it did in person.

26 08 2011

Love the different blocks of colors and what wonderful textures!

25 08 2011

Odd – Chinatown in NYC is booming. There are three in Brooklyn, one in Manhattan and one in Queens – and that’s just the ones I know of.

25 08 2011

The concept of a non Vibrant Chinatown is an anathema to me – So Sad!

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