Day 171 Theme #28 Bold

12 08 2011

These BOLD statues are on the median on New York Avenue and 11th NW in Washington, DC. There aren’t any signs telling who did them. They are all made of glass pieces. Now I don’t feel so bad about missing Art in the Park in Worcester. And these are a nice change from all of the dead president statues. These statues were done by Niki de Saint Phalle (who died in 2002). She was a French artist.




8 responses

27 08 2011
Christina, Sweden

look great, we have som of her artpieces oiutside the museum of modern arts in Stockholm

14 08 2011
Jeanne McBrayer

Love these, especially the exuberant women in the center photo!

14 08 2011
Bobbi Dunn

What a fun find! Thanks for sharing. I love the perspective on the basketball statue.

13 08 2011

Love the whimsical feeling of these statues. This is a good break from all the historical characters.

12 08 2011

Now these are great…love the color and the unusual designs…definitely eye catching!

12 08 2011

Bold, Buxom and beautiful.

12 08 2011

They look like someone went to a lot of trouble, love the boldness and colour of them.

12 08 2011

Not something we would expect to see as street art… your photo’s are wonderful!

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