Day 180 Theme #239 Relaxation

31 08 2011

I do painted canvas needlepoint for RELAXATION. I had finished these needlepoints a few years ago and I finally had them framed. The mats are done with fabric that is dry mounted onto the mat board.  The above needlepoint is called “Auntie Sarah and Aunt Esther” because they look just like my great-aunts.

The next needlepoint says “Relax or Perish, You decide”. I like the funkiness of it.

















“A Woman Needs Nice Things” nuff said:


Before and After Critique

29 08 2011

I cropped the Bumblebee photo differently per suggestions of the judge at the Arboretum photo contest. The image on the left has some empty green space on the left. I had cropped it that way. The one on the right shows more of the flowers and the bee is to the left looking into the photo more:











I made the changes the judge in the photo contest at the Arboretum suggested to the Agave in Bloom Photo. Here is a before and after. Note too that the top of the photo was cropped off by the mat so they weren’t seeing the whole top bloom. And she suggested removing the stem on the bottom left but in the framed piece you can’t see the bloom. So, I left it in this image.

Before Cloning

After Clone

Day 179 Theme #346 Vacation

26 08 2011

Washington, DC Vacation, originally uploaded by needlepointernc.

We took a VACATION to Washington, DC this summer. It was also so I could attend the International Jewish Genealogy Conference. We had a great time and were there just before the earthquake and the hurricane!

We took the Duck Tour and it was a great way to see the highlights of DC. I took some of these pictures from the Duck Mobile. The White House and Treasury pictures were taken from our walk to the White House. You cannot drive by the White House anymore.

Day 178 Theme #66 Curves

26 08 2011

Took this picture at Union Station in Washington, DC. The CURVES of the ceiling make this image look like a tunnel.

Day 177 Theme #267 Sky-High

26 08 2011

The dome of the Capitol Building in Washington, DC is SKY-HIGH. I took this picture from the moving Duck Tour vehicle behind me. I like the tilted angle of the shot considering what has been going on in the Capitol lately!

Day 176 Theme #121 Fruit

26 08 2011

Fruit, originally uploaded by needlepointernc.

This FRUIT was for sale in the lobby of Union Station in Washington, DC.

Day 175 Theme #50 Circular

25 08 2011

This CIRCULAR window is in the Greater New Hope Baptist Church. It used to be a Synagogue in the Jewish section of Washington, DC. It is on the edge of Chinatown too. I like that they added the cross and preserved the Star of David.