Day 157 Theme #320 The Letter S

17 07 2011

S is for Sneakers, originally uploaded by needlepointernc.

THE LETTER S is for SNEAKERS. Saw these in the mall at the Prudential Center in Boston. Used Lightroom to make the sneaks stand out more.




9 responses

23 07 2011

yes, dazzling! love the processing.

18 07 2011

I think I need a pair in every color! Those colors are too fun!

18 07 2011

Fun and colorful!

18 07 2011
Bobbi Dunn

I remember when you could get a pair of Keds or Converse sneakers in any color you wanted as long as it was black. Lots of people like them but I need more cushioning and support – old lady feet need sensible shoes.

18 07 2011
Karen Brockney

Love these! I want the lime green ones.

18 07 2011

Nice work on the dazzling footwear!

17 07 2011

Very fun shot!

17 07 2011

very nice processing on the Chucks. Not trendy – classics!

17 07 2011

They look like Trendy Tennis shoes to me! LOL

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