Day 153 Theme #129 Glass

16 07 2011
Chihuly Chandelier, originally uploaded by needlepointernc.

Dale Chihuly is one of the most famous GLASS blowers in the world. There is an exhibit of his work at the MFA in Boston. It was cool to see his work again. We saw an exhibit of his work in Omaha. I took this shot without a flash and without a tripod and no processing. It is part of one of his chandeliers. I have more shots that need some processing because of the low light.

Another Chandelier:

From the ceiling of glass:




10 responses

23 07 2011
Christina, Sweden

nice complex glasspieces. the bottom photo look almost like a painting

18 07 2011

Wonderful captures of this beautiful glasswork.

17 07 2011

art glass is amazing, my favorite collectible. you captured beautiful images. my fav is #1 i love the flow and your skill in capturing the image with no flash or processing.

17 07 2011
Jeanne McBrayer

These are great photos! He did the two fantastic chandeliers/sculptures at the Atlantis in Nassau…Temple of the Sun and Temple of the Moon. Both are in casinos…the only reason I went into the casinos was to gawk at these works of art!

16 07 2011

very nice- love the way you captured the top shot and the work he did on the bottom piece is amazing

16 07 2011
Bobbi Dunn

I love this guy’s work! I first saw it this year in Las Vegas. Thanks for sharing some more photos of it.

16 07 2011
Karen Brockney

Magnificent! Such light and color…

16 07 2011

We were able to see one of his exhibits in Nashville last year. I really enjoy his work but to me it is as challenging to photograph his work as it is to shoot Christmas lights. The glass just seems to glow. Thanks for sharing and you too great pics. My favorite is the last one. I always enjoy his boats.

16 07 2011

He does amazing work. It’s so fun to try to photograph. You’ve got some really nice shots.

16 07 2011

You captured the sculptures’ beauty perfectly! I love the last two…the colors really pop off the dark background! The first two really have great lighting…it makes the details shine! Beautiful work!

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