Day 145 Theme #169 Letters in Nature

4 07 2011

Cameron Village, originally uploaded by needlepointernc.

These LETTERS IN NATURE stand for Cameron Village, which is the oldest outdoor shopping mall in Raleigh. This was hanging on the wall. There are lots of boutiques and restaurants in the shopping center. I went to the needlepoint shop and had lunch and got my free sample at Penzey’s, which has a shop here.




5 responses

6 07 2011

I love that….great idea for the theme!

5 07 2011

I hope you’ve added this to your “Curriculum Vitae” A CV needs this.

4 07 2011

Great catch! My boyfriend’s sis-in-law works at Penzeys. Small world!

4 07 2011

I like Penzey’s! What were they giving out?

4 07 2011

They had a coupon for a free bottle of anything in the store of the 1/2 cup bottle. Really free… you didn’t have to buy anything. I got the Rogon Josh to try.

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