Day 140 Theme #14 Barns

28 06 2011

White Goat in the Barn, originally uploaded by needlepointernc.

Kevin’s co-worker had a skeet shooting cookout on Saturday. He has two goats. White Goat was hiding in the BARN during target practice. Black goat must have been hiding at the back of the barn. Those are the actual names of the goats – White Goat and Black Goat. Can you tell which is which 🙂




5 responses

29 06 2011

I’d hide too…that target shooting makes quite a ruckus. Our neighbor boy is back from Afghanistan and shoots every weekend…the dogs really hate it and so do I!

29 06 2011

Love the peeking goat . . . guns would scare me too . . . would that be White Goat on the left?

28 06 2011

Cute little goats. They must have been scared. Give ’em a treat!

28 06 2011

Clever White Goat and Black goat guns scare me too! If they were sheep you caould call it a Baabaarn

28 06 2011

I can definitely tell the white one from the black one…lol Love those bright yellow collars! Goats are so fun to watch, just so playful! Nice captures!

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