Day 131 Theme #20 Beverages

22 05 2011

Coke in a Metal Bottle, originally uploaded by needlepointernc.

Coke is one of my favorite BEVERAGES. I took this picture of a glass bottle and a metal bottle outside using my Lensbaby. Then I used Lightroom to take out all of the color except red. Kevin got these bottle at Coke World in Atlanta last week. Microsoft hosted the ending conference party here and at the Atlanta Aquarium.

You can see the sweat on the glass bottle. My camera got fogged up when I when from inside to outside. It is a little warm out today and more humid. I took this photo with my regular lens.




10 responses

1 06 2011
Julie McLeod

Terrific mastery of the Lensbaby for that – you got the sweetspot just right. I like both shots and I LOVE Coke too…

28 05 2011

Actually the Aluminum bottle was in the “Alumni Lounge” at Microsoft Tech Ed. I didn’t see them at Coke World, it’s just a can with a screw top, same material. The people at the closing party were FAR more interested in the free beer and wine at tables all over the courtyard. đŸ™‚

23 05 2011

Difficult to choose a favorite, they are both visually interesting.

22 05 2011

Just add a little scotch and you have the perfect drink.

22 05 2011

I like the bottom shot a lot. Are those metal bottles due to be mass-marketed or are they a novelty from headquarters?

22 05 2011

I don’t know if they are just novelties. Kevin got it at the Coke World place in Atlanta. So, it could be just a tourist souvenir there. He drank the coke already!

22 05 2011

I do like the last image with the green foliage bokeh effect.

22 05 2011

Great photos. I like the top shot (sorry, Ron) with the nice, tight crop on the Coke logo. Good brand messaging, as Donald Trump would say (ha ha). We don’t have these bottles in Illinois yet, but I have seem them for beer.

22 05 2011

I love the outside shot with the sweat on the bottles – really cool. I haven’t seen those metal bottles yet here.

22 05 2011

I really like the Bottom shot as the green makes it seem cooler on a hot day!

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