Day 125 Theme #21 Black

20 05 2011

Cowboy Cooking, originally uploaded by needlepointernc.

These pots are BLACK. They were cooking lunch in these black pots at the fair.




7 responses

21 05 2011

I agree with Tammy on using selective colors. If the plastic bin was removed from the background this could be mistaken for a vintage photo. Nice shot.

21 05 2011

Love the selective use of color…it really makes the pots stand out!

20 05 2011

In Wisconsin these would be used for a fish boil.

20 05 2011

Looks like Karen KLSBear, Tammy et Al are Hubble Bubbling around there.

20 05 2011

In this case, we can call the kettle black! What’s cooking?

20 05 2011

I couldn’t tell what they were cooking and the people were way in the back of the booth and weren’t paying attention. There were goats in the next booth … hmmm.

20 05 2011

those must be hard to clean – and I’m sure they aren’t non-stick surfaces!

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