Day 116 Theme #218 Pastel

11 05 2011

Peony, originally uploaded by needlepointernc.

Peonies are pretty PASTEL flowers. They are in bloom now (May 1st) in Raleigh. My Mom always loved Peonies cause they were in bloom when she was born on June 17 (in Massachusetts).




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15 05 2011

I love peonies as they remind me of my Grandma who had tons of them …hers were the old fashioned variety that were heavy with scent. Some of the newer ones aren’t nearly as perfumed. Your photo looks like some of hers did.

15 05 2011
Julie McLeod

That one is a beautiful color. I planted one last year and hope I’ll get a bloom this year. So, June 17th in Mass? Probably July 1st here then. 😉

12 05 2011

They seem to grow okay here in Raleigh, but you don’t see as many large plantings of them like you see in New England and in Nebraska. We had some in our yard, but they were planted in the shade and when I transplanted them, I killed them. Hope to get some someday.

12 05 2011

So soft and pretty….I love the before and after!

12 05 2011

Too hot for growing these this far south. When we lived in the north it would never fail to rain hard after the blooms. Love the tight buds in the top image, the smaller one seems to be smiling.

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