Day 110 Theme #96 Family

11 05 2011

Hood Family Plot, originally uploaded by needlepointernc.

There are FAMILY plots all around rural North Carolina. Every farmstead or plantation had its own burial plot. This is the Hood and Anderson Family Plot in Wendell, NC. I was looking for an infant headstone for William Hood and could not find it. But the plot was awash in yellows and white wildflowers. It was a pretty spring day too.

I thought that this quote was quaint – but wondered if the stonemason forgot to include “wife” and just stuck it in afterwards? But the punctuation suggests that wife was there and then they added the second line? Hmmm.




5 responses

15 05 2011

Very nicely photographed…that cemetery plot looks so pretty and peaceful.

15 05 2011
Julie McLeod

Great posts. This cemetery visit certainly was a bonanza for photos. The yellow flowers just make everything so warm and pleasing. I wonder about that inscription on the last one too….

12 05 2011

This new version of the family tree in the top pic is appealing. Glad you added the happy yellows in the post too.

11 05 2011

Good interpretation of theme.

11 05 2011

Great take on the theme and what beautiful images…I like how you displayed the stones on the first image!

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