Day 109 Theme #102 Fear

11 05 2011

Serendipity Drive, originally uploaded by needlepointernc.

I can imagine the FEAR that the people in this house and this neighborhood had when the tornadoes struck Raleigh on April 16, 2011. These houses are on Serendipity Drive and are in a development next to ours. It was just fate that made that tornado touch down on these houses in the midst of so many others on the same street that were not touched.

I used Photoshop to merge  two photos together to create one photo of the houses on the corner across the street from the house in the first picture. The following photo shows the street in between these houses.




5 responses

15 05 2011

Yikes…and a very serendipitous tornado. I can’t imagine living in a mobile home without a basement and enduring storms like these.

15 05 2011
Julie McLeod

Such a happily named street yet such a disastrous event….

12 05 2011

The news media’s move along but the people living the experiences have so much longer to rebuild their lives and memories.

11 05 2011

I live in tornado alley and I can’t even imagine….I just pray every one is safe and sound!

11 05 2011

I believe that everyone in this neighborhood was safe. It is sad, but most of the deaths occurred in the mobile home park areas.

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