Day 107 Theme #250 Rural

10 05 2011
Yard Sale in Wendell, originally uploaded by needlepointernc.

You never know what you might see when driving around the RURAL areas near our house in Raleigh. This house is in Wendell and it looks like a yard sale or they ran out of room in the house to hang their clothes.

This guy was standing guard over the yard sale…. looks like Daniel Boone 🙂




8 responses

15 05 2011
Julie McLeod

This is really interesting. I wonder……………………..

11 05 2011

lol I bet you can find anything you need there! 🙂

11 05 2011

This just screams “rural” to me. Nice job!

11 05 2011

I am smitten by the pic with all the clothes hanging on the porch! So glad you included the street sign on the corner.

11 05 2011

I’m sure there’d be many treasures just waiting to be found at this yardsale.

10 05 2011

This was taken on a Tuesday … not usually a yard sale day. It is also on a main road right off the 64 bypass!

10 05 2011

I love this. If it’s a yard sale, they must surely be selling almost everything they own. Brilliant!

10 05 2011

I don’t know about you Ruth Ellen but I wouldn’t let that go, I would have to stop and ask. That is too funny.

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