Day 102 Theme #227 Powerful

6 05 2011
Sticks, originally uploaded by needlepointernc.

The tornadoes that touched down in Raleigh and in North Carolina were POWERFUL. Lives were lost and the damage to property was high.

I featured the architecture of this house in the 2009 Challenge. It lost a lot of its roof and siding.

Before the Storm…




9 responses

15 05 2011
Julie McLeod

Thanks for adding the before!

9 05 2011

It’s amazing how structures that have been standing for decades can be destroyed in a matter of seconds…it really makes one appreciate what they have at the minute!

8 05 2011
Julie McLeod

It’s really very hard to imagine this kind of damage. Do you have a link to your previous shot? I’d like to see what it looked like before.

8 05 2011

Here is what it looked like in 2009 and up until the storm!

7 05 2011

wow. It’s amazing how strong and fast nature is. Sad.

7 05 2011

So sad . . . hopefully the residents of the house survived.

7 05 2011

😦 hopefully the family will garner up the power to rebuild and be happy again.

7 05 2011

I can only imagine the terror and destruction that these tornadoes left in their wake, your images are very powerful.

7 05 2011

That is a very graphic display, what a disaster.

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